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Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions allow your business to mange and utilise its fleets more effectively. Manage records, integrate data from third-party tracking and keep real time tabs on vehicle locations. With our partners scalable and highly adaptive fleet management systems, improve and simplify logistics maximising your fleet’s potential.

  • Connect drivers and ground-staff seamlessly to manage and improve productivity.
  • Utilise system operated data to enhance decision making.
  • Real-time driver knowledge works to enhance their safety.
  • Digital management systems can significantly reduce administrative labour costs associated with manual fleet management.
  • Utilise system data to improve your fleets carbon footprint.
  • Identify required maintenance before issues arise.


  • Keep fleets connected 24/7.
  • Worldwide satellite coverage.
  • Round-the-clock vehicle tracking.
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  • Easy-to-use mobile app with intuitive design.
  • Stay on top of your fleet operations with notific­a­tions & alerts.
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  • Video recording & automatic uploads.
  • In-cab driver feedback.
  • On-demand video retrieval.
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WEBFLEET Solutions

WEBFLEET is a market leading, innovative fleet management software solution. It gives you secure access to all the information you need to manage your fleet operation in the most effective way.

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