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Fleet Management, Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Fleet tracking and management systems are integral for any business utilising vehicles in their day-to-day operations. Challenges faced by fleets such as vehicle tracking, management and health and safety compliance can be effectively streamlined and managed through our cutting-edge fleet systems. For the best solution tailored to your company’s needs, please contact our team.

Why you should choose Roar Communication fleets management and tracking:

  • Real-time live tracking: Manage the live location of your fleets and ensure that schedules and delivery time-frames are maintained.

  • Reduce cost: the ability to monitor your fleets fuel consumption, routes, idle-time as well as driver behaviour provides valuable insight.
  • Improve safety: Tracking and fleet management enables you to closely monitor vehicles and driver behaviour, ensuring both are consistently maintained and compliant with health and safety regulations.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Fleet tracking and management systems can help reduce delivery time by analysing a range of data in order to select the best route and alert both drivers and ground staff to possible issues or delays.
  • Increase dispatching capability: Fleet tracking and management systems effectively streamline all relevant data in the one place, allowing you to simplify the management of your fleets and improve productivity.

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions allow your business to mange and utilise its fleets more effectively. Manage records, integrate data from third-party tracking and keep real time tabs on vehicle locations. With our partners scalable and highly adaptive fleet management systems, improve and simplify logistics maximising your fleet’s potential.


WEBFLEETS is a Software as a Service (Saas) management solution that helps your business to manage in fleets. Decrease your cost by having a deep insight into your vehicles and driver status and behaviour. Bring peace of mind to your enterprise.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking allows you to gain critical insight into your vehicles status, fuel consumption, delivery routes, as well as driver behaviour. This analytical data helps greatly in reducing manual administration as well as working to improve safety and compliance in your fleets.

LINK 210

LINK 210 is the simplest and most cost-effective vehicle-tracking solution.

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Tomtom PRO 7350

PRO 7350 provides your fleet with the best in class navigation and fleet management Driver Terminal.

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PRO 8375 Line

PRO 8275 line provide a fully customised solution for your business fleet vehicles.

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Asset Tracking

No matter the industry, managing and controlling valuable business assets is essential to good operation. Maintain your assets’ security, value and effectiveness with effective asset tracking solutions, providing you with enhanced visibility and management over your assets’ positions and usage.

LINK 340

Monitor your assets and vehicles on one interface with the LINK 340.

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