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A safe and secure business is a non-negotiable in today’s current climate. Roar Communications is proud to offer an advanced range of AI Video Surveillance CCTV Cameras, Body Worn Cameras and Beacon Systems. We partner with trusted industry leaders in surveillance technology in order to provide you with a targeted security solution to ensure safety and privacy in and around your business.

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  • Mitigate risks: An effective surveillance system is essential in safeguarding your business and greatly reducing security risks.
  • Ensure & improve safety: Ensure employee safety is up to standard and effectively maintained.

  • Improve detection and response time: AI Technology embedded in our surveillance systems enhances detection of unusual activities and thus improves response time.
  • Reduce human error: AI technological developments within the surveillance systems allows for greater security management, helping to mitigate the risk of human error.

CCTV & AI Video Surveillance

Our AI CCTV Surveillance solutions work to significantly enhance your businesses security, adding layers of protection unmatched to those of traditional surveillance systems. AI technology allows smart detection, unusual activity and unusual motion detection as well as facial recognition capabilities. Significantly reduce human operator error and thus increase the safety of your operation site, employees and assets.

H5A Camera Line

H5A is a next-generation camera line with analytics technology to help you focus on the critical thing, event and incidents. Provide you with a powerful video security solution from the moment it is set up.

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H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line

Combine the powerful ability of the H5A Cameraline with a built that meet international standard certificate for hazardous location. These cameras enable you to monitor and control the process in explosion risk location at your site.

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TVS-PC1 People counting camera

TCS-PC1 provide you with an outdoor people counting solution with high accuracy. Help you to follow the social distancing guideline and protect your employees, customers during a pandemic.

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Body Worn Cameras

Real time management and security decisions can be difficult to make when faced with limited access to workplace environments. Roar Communications range of Body Worn Cameras allow businesses and employers to access working environments in real time, providing a constant overview of your organisations operation. From security to hospitality and retail, our partners and a team of highly trained technicians are able to provide your business with a fitting solution.

VT50 Body Worn Camera

VT50 is a small and discreet body-worn camera provides your enterprise with a mobile security video solution. Help to improve your enterprise security and provide video evidence for when you need the most.

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VT100 Body Worn Camera

VT100 is a customisable and fully integrated body-worn security solution for enterprise and business. It is offering you a new perspective where it needs the most.

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VB400 Body Worn Camera

VB400 is a rugged, high-performance with high connections capability. It is a next-generation body-worn camera that built to help your officers taking control of every situation.

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Video Manager & Beacons

Roar Communications Video Management solutions allow businesses to capture and securely store on-demand video in real time. Effectively minimise the risk of lost or exposed content with our range of video technology and systems, whilst simply and strategically maintaining control of any working sites within your business.

Motorola Video Manager

VideoManager is a highly customisable digital video capture and management solution for f or VT and VB body-worn cameras. It enabled you the ability to set up, process and share high-quality video evidence from your body-worn cameras system.

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Avigilon Central Control (ACC)

Avigilion Control Center (ACC) is the essential tool to bring out the full capacity of your Avigilion camera line up. With user focus design, ACC provides an easy to use AI-enable user interface to help bring you attention to critical events.

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iBeacon Indoor Tracking

iBeacon Indoor Tracking is a purchasable module for TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBO Net Plus. “iBeacon” is the name of the protocol developed on Bluetooth LE4.0. The protocol allows tracking to all complying devices with more accuracy for indoor tracking when GPS is not reliable. The module offers a more flexible and affordable indoor tracking solution for a wide range of customer.

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Network Video Recorders

Roar Communications offers innovative Network Video Recorders (NVRs), offering high capacity retention & throughput to provide secure, reliable and scalable platforms for high performance security solutions.


The AI NVR from Avigilon is a purpose-built security-hardened NVR, with built-in server-side analytics that unlocks Avigilon’s advanced AI capabilities for any connected video stream, including third party and non-analytic cameras. This cost-effective, plug-and-play NVR combines high-performance recording with video analytics in a single easy-to-deploy turnkey appliance.

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Roar Communications offers a range of sensors designed to help detect potentially critical events in privacy concern areas that involve environmental changes, air quality changes and abnormal noise levels.

Avigilon Presence Detector

The Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is a small form-factor impulse radar device, with self-learning radar analytics that scans, learns and continuously adapts to the environment.

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Avigilon HALO Smart Sensor

The Avigilon HALO Smart Sensor (HALO) is a real-time vape detector and security device that helps to detect potentially critical events in privacy concern areas that involve environmental changes, air quality changes (by particulate matter), and abnormal noise levels.

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Access Control – Cloud Managed

Roar Communications offers a range of innovative cloud-based, access control solutions, leveraging industry leading security to provide smart security solutions for the home and office.

Openpath Video Reader Pro

Automatically associate video footage with access events, alerts, and motion and visually monitor entries in the Openpath Control Center.

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Openpath Smart Reader

The reader supports multiple touchless access methods, including Wave to Unlock, in-app and remote unlocks, and unlocking via a Smart Watch.

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Smart Cameras – Cloud Managed

Roar Communications offers enterprise video security solutions with a range of innovative cloud managed smart cameras. Impossibly simple to deploy, configure, and manage, cloud managed cameras provide reliable security and valuable business insights to organisations of any scale.

MV2 Indoor Flex Camera

MV2 has an adjustable hinge, rotating base, and flexible mount options to ensure you always get the right angle from anywhere.

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Home Surveillance System

With the rapid urbanisation, the residential area has emerged as the centre of our daily life now more than ever before. That’s why Roar Communications now offers an innovative range of enterprise level residential security solutions, with a range of customisable options tailored to the specific needs of your home.

Residential Integrated Security Solution

Dahua’s integrated residential security solutions ensure the safety and security of residential spaces with a range of customisable features, tailored to the specific security needs of your home.

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