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Push-to-Talk App

Roar Communications offers a range of cutting-edge software from industry leaders designed to streamline and simplify business communication processes, logistics and tracking processes, whilst enhancing the range of communication coverage. These platforms also provide mobility & flexibility as they are able to operate on or integrate with pre-existing infrastructure to scale alongside your business as it evolves.
  • Allows you to make use of 3G/4G/5G broadband communication speeds with wide ranging coverage.
  • Improve operators flexibility in communication scenarios as well as device usage. 

  • Increase overall safety and large scale operation capabilities.

  • Software enhanced with GPS tracking.

ToooAir PTT app

ToooAirPTT is an application for iOS or Android Smartphones that enables seamlessly communication onto the ToooAir platform allowing full voice connect to all users in the fleet.

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Motorola WAVE PTX mobile app

Take push-to-talk further with the WAVE PTX; a mobile app that can turn your smartphone into a PTT handset.

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Motorola WAVE PTX dispatch console

Connect with your teams in the field from any PC with Motorola WAVE Dispatch; a Cloud based dispatching software.

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ToooAir Dispatcher Software

ToooAir Wide Area is a user-friendly base station application that helps you to manage fleets.

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