Milestone Open Platform


    Milestone Open Platform allows you to customise your video surveillance system and integrate applications for extra features. The Milestone open platform enables you to add custom, best-in-class security solutions to your surveillance, such as access control, cameras and video analytics.


    • Supports the widest choice in network hardware devices from 150+ different manufacturers.
    • The open platform makes it easy to add video functionality to security & business systems.
    • Security systems can be seamlessly integrated and managed through one interface.
    • Flexibility to add new technologies to your security system as they are developed.
    • Directly integrate & embed applications, hardware or services by other technology partners.

    We are here for you

    Please contact us with any queries you may have or for any further information regarding our products & services. Our aim is to provide you with effective solutions that fulfil your operational requirements as well as your budget.



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