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Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment Radios

Fast paced, consumer driven industries such as retail, hospitality and entertainment require instant communication between their various staff with the least hassle possible. To accomodate the needs of these and similar industries Roar Communications offers a range of lightweight, comfortable and compact two-way radios that are sleek in design, blending into or complementing staff’s attire.

Motorola CLPe Series Two-Way Radio

  • Stylish, compact and durable design.
  • Large PTT button for easy use.
  • Louder & clearer audio for precise communication
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Motorola DLR1060

Motorola DLR1060 Digital Business Radio

  • Flexible Unique Call Options.
  • License-free Digital Technology.
  • Extended Talk Range.
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Benelec BWI900 Radio

  • 10 Users Talk Simultaneously
  • Up to 1000m Transmission Range
  • IP 67 Rugged and Waterproof
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MOTOTRBO SL2600 Portable Two-Way Radio

  • Talk hands-free.
  • Discreet productivity.
  • Sleek & attractive to blend with business attire.
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