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In-Vehicle & Office Base Radios

At Roar Communications we understand the need for flexibility in fleet communication as well as the demand for office dispatch communication solutions. Our range of In-Vehicle and Office Base Radios offer greater mobility, greater coverage, tracking ability – GPS, group call, as well one to one channel options; all working to streamline and enhance communication between ground staff and fleets.

ToooAir TA-M10 Mobile Fixed Mount Radio

  • Compact 12cm x 5cm design.
  • Best suited for small trucks, vans and cars.
  • Robust 2-watt speaker.
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Siyata UV350 Vehicle Communicator

  • 4G/LTE all-in-one fleet communications device
  • In-Vehicle high speed wifi hotspot
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Icom IC-455 UHF CB Transceiver Radio

  • 5 Watt RF Output Power
  • Noise Reduction, Audio Equalizer & Voice Changer
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Icom IP501M Mobile LTE Radio

  • Wide Area Coverage over LTE (4G) and 3G Networks
  • Full-Duplex Communication
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ToooAir TA-1500 Mobile Radio

  • Over Air Updates
  • Wide Area Coverage
  • Group Call (One to Many)
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Icom IC-SAT100M Radio

  • One-to-Many Communication.
  • Total Global Coverage.
  • Real-Time Communication.
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Icom IC-450 UHF CB Radio

  • 80 CB Channels + up to 35 receive only Channels.
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone.
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Icom IC-410 UHF CB Radio

  • Rugged construction provides shock & vibration resistance.
  • 80 Channel UHF CB.
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Motorola TLK150 Fixed Mount Radio

WAVE TLK 150 is a mobile push to talk cellular network two-way radio. A practical and rapid method to expand communication across the country, it helps you to stay connected to your fleets and increase the productivity of your organisation.

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Motorola MOTOTRBO DM4000e Series Radio

The DM4000e Series is a range of ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital mobile two-way radios.

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ToooAir TA-990 Fixed Mount Radio

TA-990 is a fixed mount mobile two-way radio for vehicles. Features specific to the needs of heavy transport, agriculture, mining, construction and service industries.

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ToooAir TA-995 Fixed Mount Radio

The TA-995 is a vehicle mobile two-way handheld radio solution with the ability to communicate on both cellular signal and UHF simultaneously.

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