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Adaptive, scalable and reliable communication systems are an integral facet of any business in today’s rapidly evolving economy. Roar Communications provides a broad range of two-way radios, radio accessories, systems and software in order to provide communicative solutions for the many scenarios businesses are now operating in.

Roar Communications two-way radio solutions can provide your business with:

  • Reliability during an emergency: Due to the standalone nature of two-way-radio technology, functional capability will not falter  in the case of an emergency as its function does not rely on cell tower or landline networks.
  • Durable devices: Two-way radios are built to withstand the many and varied environmental conditions they operate in, resulting in a  reliable and hard-wearing device.

  • Audio clarity: Two-way radios are built to work in challenging weather conditions, providing a superior audio clarity to your regular communication devices.
  • Easy to use: Push to talk capability simplifies the operation of two-way radios whilst options such as cloning radio settings makes it simple to set up new devices.


Our versatile range of high-quality two-way radios can provide your business and staff with effective and reliable communication solutions, streamlining and enhancing day-to-day business operations. Whether you are in retail, hospitality, stadiums, events, security, logistic, transportation or government. Our team and its network of skilled industry partners can fit you with the best possible solution.

Motorola CLP Series

Retail, Hospitality & Entertainment Radios

We supply & provide the most versatile options for handheld two-way radio solutions for the retail, hospitality and entertainment industry.

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Motorola DEP450

Business & Logistics Radios

Provides professional handheld two-way radios for business and logistics.

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BroadBand, Transport & Security Radios

Provide broadband handheld two-way radios for transportation, security and government entities.

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CB & Marine Radios

Provide rugged reliable two-way radio communication devices for dangerous environments that are intrinsically safe.

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Petrochemical, Mining & Refinery Radios

These radios are designed to ensure that teams stay connected in challenging environments such as Petrochemical, Mining & Refineries.

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In-Vehicle & Office Base Radios

Provides vehicle fleet communication solutions, as well as office dispatch two-way radios.

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Marine & Firefighter Radios

Provides a range of rugged radios specifically built to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the marine & firefighting industries.

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Radio Accessories

Roar Communications offers a range of two-way radio accessories designed to simplify and enhance user experience as well as accessories designed to help advance or expand your businesses current communication capabilities.

IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone

Windporting remote Speaker Micorphone. Contact us to know.

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IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit

2-Wire Surveillance kit with quick disconnected translucent tube, black.

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Light Weight HeadSet

Light weight Headset, over the head, single muff with swivel boom microphone.

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Radio Systems

Is your business upscaling and in need of a complete solution that can integrate with existing and various infrastructure? Roar Communications alongside our network partners and experienced technicians can provide your business with an end to end radio communication system to suit more intricate communication needs.


MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus help to expand your current MOTOTRBO two-way radio system capacity. It is allowing you to connect a large number of operators to a significant volume of data and voice communication – instantly, clearly and continuously.

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MOTOTRBO Cap Max architecture is the most comprehensive and technology capable trunking solution. Optimised for high performance, efficiency and scalability, it will answer every one of your communication need regardless of your organisation size.

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SLR 5000 Series Repeater

MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 Series repeater delivers high performance and reliable two-way radio service that reach all corner of your site. Enable your organisation to be successful with its daily operation.

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Radio Networks

Roar Communications partners with industry leaders to bring businesses a range of Network Solutions to develop or enhance their communications abilities. Our range of Network Communication Solutions work to remove technical barriers to secure instant communication across any IP network, enabling anyone on any device to securely communicate across any IP network with any other device, in real time. 

ToooAir PTToC Network

ToooAir is simply an Australia wide, One-to-One or One-to-Many two-way radio communication system utilising the cellular mobile phone network.

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Motorola WAVE Network

A software platform and suite of applications that remove the technical barriers to secure instant communication across any IP network.

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Radio Smartphones

Full Push-to-Talk over Cellular connectivity can now be achieved from the palm of your hand. Compact, lightweight & rugged, these Smartphone devices are a compact and powerful feature rich communication tool; offering extensive connectivity via 3G/4G and 4GX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC with GPS.

LEX11 – Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios (PToC)

The LEX L11 Mission Critical LTE Device is designed with first responders in mind.

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Radio Applications

Roar Communications offers a range of cutting-edge software from industry leaders designed to streamline and simplify business communication processes, logistics and tracking processes, whilst enhancing the range of communication coverage. These platforms also provide mobility & flexibility as they are able to operate on or integrate with pre-existing infrastructure to scale alongside your business as it evolves.

ToooAir Dispatcher

ToooAir Wide Area is a user-friendly base station application that helps you to manage fleets and users using a visual display.

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A mobile app that can turn your smartphone into a PTT handset and let you become a part of the conversation.

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WAVE Dispatch

A Cloud based dispatching software with the capability of multimedia messaging, locating and mapping ability. Help to streamline and improve your team able to respond to incident or situation.

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Satellite Radios

Roar Communications provides a custom range of Satellite Push-To-Talk (PTT) Handheld Radios. These radios offer real-time communication at the push of a button, between a group of individuals, each of whom can be anywhere on the planet due to the impressive satellite communication network which covers the entire globe.

Icom IC-SAT100M

  • One-to-Many Communication.
  • Total Global Coverage.
  • Real-Time Communication.
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Icom IC-SAT100

  • Real Time, Low Latency Communication.
  • Waterproof, Dust-tight and Durable Body.
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Tablets / Mobile Computing

Roar Communications provides a dynamic range of tablet & mobile computing solutions designed specifically for day-to-day business operations. Create the perfect tablet solution for your environment, workers & applications with our range of sleek, durable & customisable tablets & mobile computing products.

ScanPal EDA51 Mobile Computer

  • Easy Data Capture with Integrated Scanner
  • Power Packed for All Day Performance
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Zebra EC50 WiFi Mobile Computer

  • Micro Sd
  • Extended Battery
  • 12-Pin Back Connector
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Zebra EC55 WiFi/cellular Mobile Computer

  • EC55 Android
  • 4Gb Ram/64Gb Flash
  • 13Mp Rear Camera
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Please contact us with any queries you may have or for any further information regarding our products & services. Our aim is to provide you with effective solutions that fulfil your operational requirements as well as your budget.



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